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At the Wise Brother’s company, our goal is to become the  global leading company in the food-tech industry.

Wise Brothers is an active research team based on mechanical engineering.
Experts from various fields have united together to innovatively create ideas.
Develop the first full-automated cooking system in Korea.
We provide the greatest synergy partnership to chefs and restaurants.
Invent the all-in-1 cycle solutions called a pot coaster and enhanced with new systemic engineering.
Experienced engineers lead and develop the technology in the automation kitchen industry.
Build an integrated system which customers can make mobile and internet orders.
We customize information in the interactive server with Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.
Humility, Organization, Motivation, Atmosphere, Guidance, Efficiency
We work for the motto, H.O.M.A.G.E
to become the top global company.
Dining Brand
We are currently preparing to introduce a new dining brand of our first fully-automated cooking systems in Korea.
Our upcoming dining brand’s goal is to provide the customers with uniformed quality of gourmet cuisines.
Along with quality taste, our system is time-saving for customers and is created to keep the best hygiene state in the environment.
[d:zain ru:t]
is the design company that specializes in branding top gourmet restaurants.

Automatic Kitchen Solution

The best solution to improve the restaurant operation system and the taste is to consider the opinions of the customers. So, we collected the data from designing the platform called, “Pot Coaster.”

Pot Coaster

Pot Coaster saves resources by using cooking machines on behalf of kitchen workers. The pot coaster is invented with the automatic kitchen solution, and it takes care of the full cycle from putting in the ingredients, cooking, and heating and to washing in all-in-1 cycle.

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